Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for transporting documents and goods.

1. It is strictly forbidden to send cash, explosives, liquids or any illicit or narcotic goods inside cartoons and documents.

2. The sender will bear all responsibility for the information provided in the consignment note. The company should be notified immediately if any damage is observed during the delivery of the goods. No complaint will be accepted by the company after delivery or delivery of the goods to the recipient.

3. 30 days from the date of booking, no complaint will be accepted regarding delivery of the recipient sender.

4. Receipt of receipt shall be kept up to one month from the date of booking.

5. Electronic Materials Mobile Set Computer Items Before handing over the glassware must inform the courier service otherwise the courier service will not be responsible for any damage to the goods.

6. By agreeing to the above conditions, both parties agreed to work.